(92 min. 2008)

DIRECTOR: Charles Officer

SCREENPLAY: Ingrid Veninger, Charles Officer

PRODUCER: Ingrid Veninger

A young boy turns to magic to protect his dying mother and unknowingly conjures a lover for her, and a father for himself.

“This risky, rewarding drama blends emotional naturalism with a formal style in the story of its three titular characters — a young Jamaican-Canadian mother with sickle-cell anemia, an ex-boxer looking for a human connection and a 12-year-old boy.” Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail

“A stupendous soundtrack, telling images, sensitive performances and an honest emotional screenplay.” Sophie Godin, Festival du Nouveau Cinema

“Nurse.Fighter.Boy is a rich exploration of the connections between the healer, the warrior and the child of its title.”Jesse Wente, TIFF

Everything is love and fear

(8 min. 2006)

DIRECTORS: Ingrid Veninger, Charles Officer

SCREENPLAY: Ingrid Veninger, Charles Officer

PRODUCER: Ingrid Veninger

A woman and man have an affair in a hotel room in Vladivostok and conceive a child. After seven years, they meet again and remember their night together.

An 8 minute improvisation created while attending a film festival in Vladivostok, Russia.


The Limb Salesman

(80 min. 2005)

(a.k.a. Re-Generation)

DIRECTOR: Anais Granofsky

SCREENPLAY: Anais Granofsky, Ingrid Veninger

PRODUCERS: Ingrid Veninger, Nicholas Tabarrok, Anais Granofsky

GABRIEL GOODE is The Limb Salesman — a disgraced doctor who regenerates limbs on the black market.  When GOODE travels to the water miningregions of the north to heal the cherished daughter of a wealthy water miner, dark family secrets are revealed, and Goode is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. A story of forbidden love in a dystopian future.

“A retro-future gothic romance.” Geoff Pevere, The Toronto Star

“BLADE RUNNER meets (Guy Maddin’s) THE SADDEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD…Atmospheric and dark…the (Fielder) family make the royals look well-adjusted.” Chris Knight, The National Post

“First sight of Abe’s (Clark Johnson) gabled house, standing alone in a giant snowy field, suggests “Giant” and “Days of Heaven,” and John Welsman’s majestic, medieval-style score offers a film with terrific sights and sounds.”Robert Koehler, Variety


(5 min. 2004)

DIRECTORS: Ingrid Veninger, Charles Officer

PRODUCER: Ingrid Veninger

Somewhere between Frankfurt and Vienna, between dreaming and being awake, where possibilities are held and lost. This is Urda/Bone.

“URDA/BONE. is stunning.” Laura Michalchyshyn, Sundance Channel

“Sophisticated and sensual.” Jeremy Podeswa, Director

“Evocative and inventive.” Dan Lyon, Telefilm Canada

Gambling, Gods & LSD

(180 min. 2002)

DIRECTOR: Peter Mettler

PRODUCERS: Ingrid Veninger, Cornelia Seitler, Alexandra Rockingham Gill

A filmmaker’s inquiry into transcendence become a three-hour trip across countries and cultures, interconnecting people, places and times.

“Mesmerizing… Hallucinogenic… a documentary that is more dreamlike than any drama.” Brian D. Johnson, MACLEAN’S

“Gambling, Gods and LSD becomes a sort of divine sacrament, melting the viewer’s synapses with a mesmerizing array of sights, sounds and genuinely profound insights… it ranks with the most visionary work of Chris Marker and Joris Ivens.” Jason Anderson, EYE MAGAZINE

“a fascinating three-hour exploration/autobiography/Zen meditation.” Cameron Bailey, NOW MAGAZINE

The Bunny Project

(2 min. 2002)


Can an eight-year-old boy dressed as a bunny change the world? He thinks he can.

Made as part of Toronto’s 24 hour On-The-Fly film challenge.